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What I do.

Wild360 offers a unique outdoor experience that combines my passion for nature and my years of experience as a raft and mountain bike guide. Growing up in the Slovakian mountains, I developed a deep love for nature and the outdoors that has been a part of my life ever since. After moving to Scotland in 2008, we have spent 5 years living on the Isle of Iona on the West coast of Scotland. But missing the mountains in 2013 we moved to Cairngorm national park where we still live. I decided to put my outdoor skills to use and in 2023 I formed a small guiding business Wild360. I take a personal approach to guiding, customizing each tour to the individual needs and goals of my customers. With Wild360, my aim is to provide a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience for everyone who joins me for an adventure.


My name is Martin Kubes

Welcome to my website! I'm Martin Kubes, an outdoor enthusiast and nature lover. I grew up in Mountains of Tatras in Slovakia. My father was a mountain rescue volunteer so I had a chance to spend loads of time with him learning all about nature and how to safely navigate through wilderness.  I'm passionate about exploring the wonders of the great outdoors and helping others experience them for themselves in a relaxed, chilled-out kind of way. I have over 20 years of experience in outdoors, from one day outings to multiday expeditions .Currently I hold a Packraft leader qualification, outdoor first aid certificate, I have done a paddlesport touring leader training and coastal navigation and tidal planning courses. I'm an avid photographer, packrafter, mountain biker, and outdoor guide. I'm here to help you plan your perfect outdoor trip, whether it's a day of paddling, a weekend camping trip, or something more adventurous. Come join me and let's explore the wonders of nature together!

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